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Available in 55-gal drums for Drag Strips and Paved Circle Tracks

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"I run about 120 races per year and this is some of the best traction compound I have ever used.  I haven't had anything hook up and stay with me for as long and perform as good in years!  You guys are definitely on to something good!  Racers who did not know that I was trying a new compound, came up to me and asked how I had improved the dragstrip."
                                                                                        - Steve Earwood,
                                                                                          Rockingham Dragway, Inc.

Bradenton Motorsports Park (FL), using Strip Grip, set a new radial tire world record of 7:53 at 191 mph!  And Jason Lynch, in his 10/5 Outlaw, ran a 6:78 @ 218 mph, shattering the world record by 8 mph!

STC QUICK GRIP Powdered Resin

                         Fine Powdered Resin Traction Compound

                         Improves traction and the removal of bald-spots from track surfaces

For Bald Spot Removal: Quickgrip is specially formulated to quickly apply rubber to the track surface to reduce bald spots and elapsed times. Low horsepower cars or cars with narrow tires place their cars in the same place on the starting line repeatedly. After many cars leave the starting line from the same spot, the rubber is removed and bare concrete begins to appear. If no care is taken to put the rubber back on the bald spot, the area will become larger and elapsed times will become slower.

Directions: Apply a light mist of STC (Strip Grip) to bald spots on the starting line or tracks surface. Sprinkle or dust Quickgrip over STC, then broom or blow off excess. Spray a light mist of STC cut 50/50 with methanol. Racetrack is ready to use in five minutes when methanol evaporates. Repeat process as needed.

For Added Traction: Dragways/Tracks have known for years that the best traction is created from rubber to rubber contact. The ideal track surface is a film of rubber and STC. When this application is not reasonable, apply a thin layer of Quickgrip out 15 to 20 feet, depending on horsepower, in front of the tires. Do a light burnout over the Quickgrip and back the car into the burnout area. Using Quickgrip will dramatically reduce wheel spin and elapsed times.


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