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VHT TrackBite Traction Concentrate is a unique formula that is designed to create adhesion between rubber, asphalt, and concrete.  This product is available from Bazell Race Fuels in 55-gallon drums, and can be shipped via common carrier.  As a promoter, you need to insure the fastest, most exciting race that you can.  TrackBite is the only track treatment that can assure more exciting racing without harming your track.  The more entertaining your races are, the greater attendance you will develop.  You must compete with all other forms of entertainment in your area and there is nothing that will drive fans away from your track faster than a dull race.  Conversely, nothing will attract fans faster than exciting races and finishes.  TrackBite will increase race competition and make your track faster than others.  TrackBite stays tacky for weeks and won't run off, even in heavy rains.  Most of all, it won't harm your track, it actually seals and protects the asphalt. 

VHT TrackSpot is a powdered resin traction compound designed to aid in traction and the removal of bald spots from track surfaces.  Low horsepower cars or cars with narrow tires place their cars in the same place on the starting line repeatedly.  After many cars leave the starting line from the same spot, the rubber is removed and bare concrete begins to appear.  If no care is taken to put the rubber back on the bald spot, the area will become larger and elapsed times will become slower.  VHT TrackSpot is specially formulated to quickly apply rubber to the track surface to reduce bald spots and elapsed times.  TrackSpot is available in 5 gallon pails.

PJH Brands is proud to announce an additional product for racetrack surface improvement.  TrackBlack increases appearance, safety, and performance by maintaining consistency on the edges of the track.  Not for the starting line or the traffic groove, VHT TrackBlack enhances teh appearance of the less-used track surface.  It is ideal for enhancing televised or other filmed events.  Exposure to the elements and normal "wear and tear" leave the track barren and discolored.  TrackBlack returns the rich dark black color, seals the surface, and restores the consistent peripheral traction areas to that of a world-class racetrack.  TrackBlack is part of a complete track preparation solution and is for use in conjunction with VHT TrackBite.  TrackBlack is available in 55-gallon drums, and is applied similarly to TrackBite.

TrackBite, TrackBlack and TrackSpot can be shipped directly to your track or place of business.  Please call (800) 521-5420 for pricing.  We sell traction compound for track application only.  We do not sell gallon jugs of traction compound for tires.

1VHT, TrackBite TrackBlack and TrackSpot are registered trademarks of PJH Brands.

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